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School Year Books Printing Service

school year books printingSchool year books printing is a great project which allows students to express their creativity and memories of the school year. With the help of a teachers, school staff members, or parents.

With Print Fiction, you can produce the school yearbook smooth and easily. 

If your schedule is really busy, you can leave this task to Print Fiction creative team to put together a professional looking school yearbook. All you need to do is supply us the document in Word, compile all the photos from the relevant pages, plus your school crest & we'll do the rest! 

Once you're done, our school year books printing team will professionally produce a hard cover or soft cover school year book in full color. Call us to have a professional school year books printing sample sent to you !  BTW ... we produce School Diaries as well!

Print Fiction steps for helping you produce the yearbook.

Determine a budget. We can manipulate ourselves according to your budget assigned for such task. We can provide you with Photographers specialize in photography and provide your school organized files of photos. Print Fiction allows you to add your own personalized touch and option for self-creation with a very reasonable pricing which may allow the school to turn yearbooks into a fundraiser.

Think of a theme for your yearbook The theme can be used on the cover, the title page, and throughout the book. You can create a customized cover which may have a picture of the school or student artwork. Some schools even have contests for student artwork.

Plan out the pages of the book Examples as follows:

Page 1: Title Page

Pages 2-3: School Staff

Pages 4-13: Class portrait pages (Teachers’ and students’ portraits, with their names)

Pages 14-19: Clubs and projects (one page for each club or project)

Pages 20-25: Candid photos from around the school of special events

Page 26: Blank page for autographs “etc..”

Start taking pictures!!! Some schools even assign Print Fiction members to take pictures of specific events, or have a specified volunteer to take pictures all year long. Encourage this person to organize digital photos by event title and page # for the yearbook; this makes design work much easier down the road.

Set deadlines for certain pages. For example, most covers should be ready for a printer to print by September. Classroom portrait pages should be submitted and designed by October. Candid pictures of special events should be submitted by late November if you want your school year books printing to be delivered by mid-December. Making deadlines and sticking to them prevents a “rush” in December. If deadlines are met, there will be plenty of time for editing.