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Shopping Bag Printing Service

Paper Shopping Bags are a great way to spread your advertising everywhere. Shopping Bag Printing is a responsible and cost-effective way to promote your shopping bag printingbusiness. Print Fiction, specializes in shopping bag printing ideal for Boutiques, retail stores and product giveaways.


Most Popular Sizes

Print Finishes

Handles Styles/length


180 x 80 x 230    (mm)

220 x 90 x 205            

230 x 90 x 220            

240 x 90 x 390            

230 x 90 x 360            

250 x 80 x 350


Gloss lamination

Matt lamination

Foil blocking


Gloss/matt UV varnish             


Hand length or shoulder length

Die cut

Twisted paper

Satin ribbon

Flat handle