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Balloon and Flag Printing Service

Inflate your Brand !!

All businesses understand the importance of brand building and advertising in today's scenario. Today, the consumer is more educated, alert and balloon printing
knowledgeable about the products he wants. This is why it is necessary that the communication of a particular product is direct and effective. One of the most effective marketing tools that is taking the world by storm is promotional balloon printing and flag printing.

Balloon printing and flag printing is catching on fast due to its clear communication and affordability. It also gives a business the option of customizing its promotion,  the way it likes. Custom balloon printing is done using a process called screen printing, wherein, one can create a desired image on a silk screen, stretched on a frame, by exposing it to light. A slightly stretched balloon is kept under the screen and a special kind of ink is then dropped onto the screen. The image is then transferred onto the balloon to achieve the desired result.

The image that you want to print on the balloon is created on a computer in single or multiple colors. It is then printed on an A4 sized film which then uses an exposure box to transfer the image on the mesh screen. This helps to seal the silk holes using light and the ink flows only through the area which is not exposed, to create a kind of stencil. Balloon printing is usually done with a single color as the process for printing in multiple colors is a little expensive.

There has been much advancement in custom balloon printing so one can virtually use any image one wants and transfer it onto the balloon. Whether its text, brand or company logo, or even the face of your brand ambassador - anything can be put on the balloon of your choice. You can choose between latex or Mylar balloons that can be inflated using air, water or helium gas, based on the purpose and budget requirements.

Custom balloon printing services are not just used for business promotion. Printed balloons are also a special way to shower love on your family and close friends. It's a great idea