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Finishing Service

Print Fiction has the equipment to provide a number of book binding and wire binding options - from budget to exclusive.  Depending on your requirements, we advise you on the book bindingbest binding for your book, booklet, presentation folder or brochure.  Your book cover creates the first impression of your book. Make it a good one! with our book binding.  We offer ring binding, comb binding, thermal binding, saddle-stitch binding and perfect binding options to match your requirements.

Comb or wire binding

Comb, wire binding uses many small plastic teeth that close around small holes and hold the paper together, with a piece of metal threaded through the holes. This provides a semi-permanent binding solution.

Thermal binding

When large documents need permanent binding, thermal binding is the answer.  Using extreme heat, (thermal) a heavy strip of cloth is affixed to the edge of the paper.Thermal binding provides a very clean look and feel and allows the open book to lay flat.

Saddle-stitch binding

Smaller books with paper folded in half are bound by saddle stitching or stapling that holds several sheets together. Saddle-stitch binding gives a professional and sleek look to your document, is very cost effective.  It is used for catalogues, presentations, manuals, booklets, catalogs, reports and proposals and gives the appearance of a booklet.

Perfect binding

Perfect binding is good for large books like telephone directories or novels with several pages. After an outer cover is placed around the pages of the book, the pages are attached to the cover by an adhesive.  Perfect binding gives a neat and clean appearance.

Print Fiction can provide embossing and hot foil stamping to make your cover more impressive.  


When it comes to mounting printed materials, foam board is the graphic arts industry standard. It adds durability and stability without adding a lot of extra mountingweight, which makes it great for displaying artwork, posters, sales presentations, and portfolio pieces. Our print shop is equipped to create foam board mounts and displays with your printed projects. Just let us know what you need, and we will be happy to work with you





Plastic lamination and paper lamination - Gloss or matte lamination in different thicknesses. Excellent finish and durability. Range of foam boards for mounting. plastic laminationPlastic lamination and paper lamination adds life to printed material and provides protection from frequent handling – for menu cards, catalogues, brochures, identity cards, educational materials and more

Print Fiction offers mounting and plastic lamination and paper lamination services to give the perfect finish to materials produced on our large format digital printing press.  Lamination applies a film of plastic on the surface of your printed product and protects while enhancing its colour and sheen. The plastic is then bonded to the printed substrate by a process of applying heat and pressure through laminating machines.

Print Fiction’s high quality foam board provides strength and prevents the large printed piece from warping.  We offer foam board mounting in various qualities and degrees of thickness and rigidity, to give your printed product durability, along with lamination for an attractive matte or gloss finish. Gloss lamination reflects light and adds a sheen to the finished product while matte lamination gives a more subdued yet elegant effect.

Choose from foam board with spray adhesive or heat-activated adhesive. Or pouch foam board made from heat-activated foam boards with a film laminate that forms a pouch on top of the board. This enables single-step mounting and lamination. We slide the print between the board and film, then feed it through a heated roll laminator for a completely finished, mounted and laminated product. Your posters, prints and window displays will benefit from our mounting and plastic lamination and paper lamination services.


Print Fiction offers other finishing options too

  • Perforating
  • Punching
  • Booklet Making
  • Die Cutting
  • Folding
  • Cutting