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 Cold Lamination PVC Film 

pvc thickness:60um,release paper:80gsm

Available specifications: 1.07/1.27/1.52 ×50M


Cold Lamination PVC Film  is 60um clear PVC film with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for backing up the picture. The liner is covered by a silicon releases PE coated 80gsm paper. The material mainly focuses on the usage of protecting the graphics without getting smudged, dirty, scratched or wet. The process without destroying heat sensitive paper makes it widely used on laminating graphics and designs.
Over laminates are need to be properly stored. Don’t stack rolls of unboxed over laminates horizonally on top of each other. If the rolls aren’t suspended within the box, they may get flat spots, which can appear as a visible line after the over laminate is applied to the print.