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Digital Printing

Electronic graphics les containing your digitally-based images can be made into any variety of print media! Including brochures and business cards, envelopes and labels, even flags and banners. Using large format and high-volume laser or inkjet printers, Print Fiction offers a range of digital printing from digital monochrome, to full color imaging. We will help you select the best use of this exciting modern technology to advance your company.


Brochures are one of the easiest and effective vehicles of marketing communication.

Print Fiction Studio well equipped with printing and print finishing machinery to cater to any kind of customer demands in terms of brochure printing.

The usual sizes of flyers are DL, A5 and A4. The printed brochures can be folded to multilevel.

Print Fiction has automated brochure printing facility to produce most of the types the regional market demands. Print Fiction’s mixed print production environment gives you the unparalleled advantage of choosing the right production method based on the requirement. Print Fiction has Digital Printing, Offset Printing and Photocopy services under one roof. Which in turn facilitates our customer to choose the right print process upon considering the time, colors, substrate, quantity and price. On the customer dilemma of choosing the right solution, experienced staff at Print Fiction will direct them to the right and perfect solution to produce their print job.

Print Fiction has a wide variety of substrates in store. You can choose from ordinary art or matt papers to highly specialized papers to print brochures. Our digital printing facility gives you the freedom to proof a copy prior going for the final print run.

We can also help you to design brochures. Our design department is manned with some of the friendliest designers you will enjoy working with. They can help you to design the perfect flyer and suggest you the most cost effective and quality method of printing them.

Team Print Fiction adheres to stringent quality controls and ensures that the job is done to the satisfaction of the client.

Call PRINT FICTION for brochure printing!

Did you know? Print Fiction offers the fastest turnaround for any given print jobs. An order for printing flyers can be processed and finished in matter of Hours! Only Print Fiction can!!!


Professional Flyers Printing

Spread your message fast with help of Flyers printing. With Print Fiction, we provide rich, full color and premium materials for maximum impact that fits your budget.

Flyers Printing Product Details

Quarter page Flyer Dimensions: 4.5″ x 5.5″

The 1/4 page size flyer is the most versatile promotional tool you can get. Let’s say you‘re have an idea for an event, promotion or product and you like to advertise quickly and best way. But you do do not want to spend so much money on it, 1/4 promo flyer is your answer. You can choose from;

  • Full color, no back side
  • Black and White , no back side
  • Full color front and back

Half page Flyer Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″ 

The 1/2 page size flyer is bigger and suitable for photographic images. Ideal for advertisement for new businesses such as restaurants, bars, small shops etc.

You can choose from;

  • Full color, no back side
  • Black and White , no back side
  • Full color front and back


Poster printing are a direct way of communicating with people. Individuals or companies produce posters to deliver a marketing message to the intended target audience. With an endless amount of uses for posters, people resort to poster printing with convincing design.

Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and to convey information; and may be used for many different advertising or aesthetic purposes. The target audience sees a poster for only a few seconds – usually as they drive or walk past. There they should make a strong first impression. Posters are very useful especially in areas where there is no easy access to newspapers and radio. It is a direct way of communicating with your community.

Poster printing can be used in order to spread a specific message. Some people even go as far as to create their own posters with motivational messages or just an image that they are fond of to put the prints up in their rooms or offices.  A widely used method of marketing is the use of posters.  Companies, however big or small, make use of posters to market or advertise specific products or services. Slogans, events, products and services or other types of messages can be popularized through the use of a well-designed poster.

When using posters to promote various events like charity events, fashion shows, concerts, seminars or any other corporate events, this acts as a visual “reminder” or promotional tool to inform the public of the event. These printed promotional tools can provide valuable information to the public about events held.   Posters are very useful for individuals and business entrepreneurs.


If you need to capture attention at any upcoming events, indoors or outdoors, we have the solution for you, banner printing. High quality, patented roller or retractable banner systems are ideal for almost any kind of visual display requirement.

We offer all types digitally printed indoor banner printing and outdoor vinyl banner prints in any size, any color, and any design that you might need.

We use the latest in vinyl banner printing and digital print banner technology to create beautiful, vibrant, and professional-looking banners. These color print banners are a powerful communication tool, a great way to advertise your company’s products or services, and they are certain to attract potential customers.

Business Cards

Print fiction offers a variety of business card printing and finishing solutions.  We have latest and up-to-date digital print machinery which gives high quality and fantastic results. We are offering fastest turnaround times compared to others.

One of our unique services we are offering to our clients is One Hour Printing; it is for those customers or clients having urgent printing needs. You can print around 500 business cards in an hour with the same high quality standards and reliable results.

Digitally printed business cards result is very similar to offset printing and another benefit we have with digital printing is that it is fast as compared to offset printing. With our digital print machines we are able to print single side or both sides business card.

Invoices and Voucher

If your company is in need of invoice printing, you have certainly come to the right place.  We print and supply all types of invoice books; be it duplicate invoice books, invoice printing, sales invoice books, tax invoice books or even carbonless invoice books.

An Invoice Book helps keep track of any products and/or services to a company’s customer. Nowadays most companies must deal with some kind of cash flow, and in order to keep track of billing and income streams, invoice books are used for reference.

The operation of an invoice book is vital in order to ensure smooth running of your company on a day-to-day basis. It details all the services rendered or products purchased as well as their overall cost. There are many reasons why a business may keep invoices. Some keep them for tax purposes, cash flow analysis, and record keeping, to name but a few.

These invoice books may be organized in any way that fits the company’s specific needs. When the need arises, having the invoices in a convenient location may help avoid confusion or disputes. Set the right tone for your business with professionally invoice printing.

Envelope and Letterhead

A letterhead and envelope printing typically displays your company’s logo, contact numbers, email addresses, physical address, postal address, VAT number, Registration number, as well as a listing of the directors of the company.

Letterheads form an important part of the overall operation requirement of any company or institution. Not only does a letterhead represent a company, but also shows professionalism on correspondents made in the name of a company. Instead of looking like an application letter or personal letter, a letterhead shows an importance and urgency to whatever is written on a paper.

It is a silent way of representing your company to clients and would be clients. Used in the right way, a letterhead also serves as an advertisement tool for the company and is known to attract more clients. In fact, letterheads increase the list of clients because it looks so professional and would surely impress them.

Letterheads are seen as a “legal” form of communication, confirming the authenticity of the company or institution it represents.  For this reason, a letterhead has become an important part of any company’s stationery profile. Letterhead designing and layout has grown into a very lucrative practice.

Letterheads are an extension of the company’s reputation and business in the form of papers, envelopes, brochures, etc.  Anything written on a letterhead will reflect the involvement of the company and the people who work there.

The paper used for letterhead and envelope printing should also be of top quality. It does not have to be expensive, as long as the quality is good. There is a big variety of inexpensive quality paper that you can buy, just be consistent throughout your brand as well. Choose a paper type that fits the image you want to project for your company.

Get quality letterhead and envelope printing to show that your company is serious with your business and is more than willing to assist.


Stay ahead of your competitors with eye-catching label printing that ensure your product gets seen. The biggest characteristic of a quality printed label is that it is designed to be permanently affixed to something by the end user. This makes a label a great marketing tool for your company, because once they’ve been put in place, the customer will constantly be looking at this extension of your company for a long time to come.

We do any kind of stickers and label printing in the industry.  Printed in full color for maximum effect, stickers are a sure way to get your company, service or product noticed.

Our stickers and labels are made to hold up for years to come in any kind of weather. The inks we use for our full color stickers are the latest generation of high quality inks, as well as the most.

If you are looking for a company to meet your printing demands when it comes to high quality sticker and label printing, this is the right place to be.  Vibrant and colorful stickers bearing your company’s logo or any other design will give your business, product or service increased recognition.

Why trust any other company with your sticker and label printing when we can take care of all your printing solutions, with top quality service.

Our sticker and label printing services are available to anyone who needs any stickers or labels printed.  Our client base ranges from other printing companies, graphic design firms, brokers, general public, corporations, self-publishers, advertising and marketing firms and even small businesses.

We can print stickers and label of any shape and size.  If your company is looking for a powerful marketing and branding tool, custom stickers are a great promotional idea for products, services, brands, or any other marketing use to put your message out there.


Catalogue printing is an easy way of locating your products and services. A systematic and organized professional catalogue gives you respect and business.

For professional catalogue printing and design please call or email our customer service executive for the further printing information.

Our print delivery system helps you to have the delivery of catalogues . Please call our pleased to help printing company executive for further details.

Overseas customers please contact our sales department before placing the catalogue printing order. We deliver all over the world with the help of UPS Or your preferred courier companies.


Print Menus for your restaurant / cafe with PRINT FICTION

One of the challenges restaurants and cafes are facing is the menus printing of their food. They don’t want them in bulk and there could be frequent changes in the menu item or price.

Not anymore! With PRINT FICTION you print the exact number of menus, no less, no more! PRINT FICTION’s digital printing facility will help you in menus printing from one copy to any number of copies and protect them with a lamination. If you would like to have gold or silver foil as a topping, just ask the PRINT FICTION chefs at the counter and they will help you to have one on the menu!

Menus printing with greater flexibility

PRINT FICTION has multiple options for print finishing. You can have the menu laminated in gloss or matte finish and bind them with spiral or saddle stitch. The flexibility to print on various papers and sizes gives you the freedom to print your menu on variety of styles or sizes making it a perfect fit for the tables.

Since you can print a minimum quantity of menu sheets, you will enjoy the creative freedom to experiment with different types of menu for example one for fresh juices and one for breakfast and yet another for dinner. Why not print some grouped menu for takeaways? PRINT FICTION’s offset printing division offers you the best rate when it comes to quantity printing.

PRINT FICTION can offer digital archiving service for your menu pages so that you place request remotely to print additional copies of menu when you want them.

ID Card 

Whether you are looking for a photo ID card printing service or any other ID idea, you will find what you need with Print Fiction.

Customized Identification Solutions for Organizations.

We will help you select the right design for your Plastic cards, PVC cards and Laminating ID.  Our service can cover the following needs

  • Employee ID badges
  • Exhibations Access Card
  • Student ID cards
  • Child ID cards
  • Membership cards
  • Gift cards
  • Or cards individually created for your specific need

Identity Cards: Identity cards with personalized information and photos are just common these days. Print Fiction can do high quality ID card printing with personal details. These ID cards can be used for offices, schools and universities. The ID cards can be secured with bar codes or magnetic strips

Plastic ID cards can be used for privilege cards, loyalty cards and for many other purposes

Wall and Window Branding

Wall graphics  and window graphics can be used to display an upcoming event, advertise a specific product, or create a promotional atmosphere for your particular line of business. The Wall graphics are usually made of self adhesive vinyl, so that they can be easily fixed on the walls or removed whenever you like.

Wall graphics and window graphics can be created easily by means of digital screen printing process. Wall graphics can be used to create decorative patterns or custom wall murals for home or office. These options are becoming more popular in the world of interior design. Wall graphics and window graphics feature photo quality designs and prints.

Vehicle Branding

Advertise your business with bright energetic car graphics – We can design, print and fit car graphics on any shape or size vehicle. Whether you just add your company’s name and contact details or adorn all sides of your car with impacting graphics, car graphics are a cost effective means of permanent advertising. Car graphics and car wraps are fitted to cars and fleet vehicles as a part of the professional vehicle livery services offered by Print Fiction. An eye-catching car graphic can grab the attention of everyone who comes into contact with the vehicle wrap. You can plant the branding and contact details in the mind of the consumer with vehicle wraps or full vehicle signs. If you only need part of the vehicle done, we can produce high quality custom car stickers and decals which also promote brand familiarity, resulting in more enquiries.

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